How lazy of me!

It has been so long since I last wrote, last year now seems like a blur! It is 2017, Happy New Year everyone.

After my niggles and knocks, I have looked long and hard at my lifestyle and eating habits. I have decided to get on with finding the correct way for me to eat.  I do enjoy cooking, though, my family are not that sure about it.  I cook by taste and intuition, which for me usually works out.  I have a basic recipe idea in my head and I, then, add whatever I have in the cupboard or fridge.  It's a very free way to cook. 

I have found that I need help in getting certain things restricted, even though the teaching allows me some freedom on what I can eat.  This year, however, due to the niggles, I was not as active as I should have been and have put on far more weight than I should have.  I found that I was looking like I would need a steroid injection to resolve some of the problems.  I took myself off to Slimming World at the end of October and now I have lost about a stone in weight so far and I am very happy about that.  It has meant things have eased and I do not think I will need to visit the Doctor!

So classes are getting easier again and I can be more active in them.  

This year I intend to become fitter and will be hoping to maintain a reasonable weight level again.  I hope I can learn new things and with the help of my newest martial arts item, I will be learning a Chinese Broadsword Form this year and this is a great weight and feels good to use when practising.  I do think I need to take the material off though as it is a bit loud!

I started practising it with my wooden sword, but this really helps me feel like I have a little better idea of what I should be doing.  The scabbard is wooden and protects it and the handle is small enough for me to grip well enough.

I am working on new karate forms and hope that I can do them justice, but it currently looks like I am going to have to alter some of the jumping kicks to more static versions.

I will also try to be less lazy with the blog.  It may not be karate all the time but, just hang in there.


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