Niggles and Knocks - What do you do?

As a Karateka that is in the Dojang more than a little in the week, it is inevitable that you get the odd aches and pains that take a little longer than normal to go away.  The reason they take so long to be relieved is the fact that as an instructor, you are always in effect training.

It is very difficult to teach without actually showing, words just do not cut it. So the problem is, how do you recover?

In my own case, I just have to wait, the waiting can take months, but finally, things do stop causing an issue.  In the meantime, I always feel so annoyed as I really want to train properly however doing so will mean it will take more time to recover.

My latest conundrum is tendinitis in the Achilles! No idea if I did anything to cause it, which is why it is a conundrum.

Unfortunately, it does not matter whether I am doing the ironing, or actually a Kong Sudo Hyung (Kata, Form) if I move in a particular manner I will suffer.  What about pain killers I hear you ask, well, in my case it does not really help, and once they wear off, it feels twice as bad!

I am attempting to isolate the main culprit, but walking down the street and turning the corner can cause an issue. As can getting up out of the chair if I rest it. 

In order to keep mobile I am employing Zheng Gu Shui, it soothes it, no idea what is in it and it clears your nose as well!
Along with using the other knee to massage the calf.

Keeping healthy whilst working in sport is all about knowing what you can and cannot do.  When things are not done properly is when you may have a problem.  Having an ache is the bodies way of warning you, you may have done too much.  To be the best people often think they have to push past limits, but if your body says no, who is to say the body is not right!


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