Losing ones Mojo (or losing the will to practise)

This year has been a good year, but everyone once in a while everyone loses their mojo, I am afraid that mines been missing for about 2 months.  Unfortunately, it started once I had taken my last grading, I have scaled back my own training, scaled back my extra tai chi classes.  Now I that I work at Martial Arts, and I am doing it six days a week, I do get chance to go through things with everyone, so my own practise is sometimes put on the back burner.

Today though I managed to practise the Tai Chi Form, I have been trying to get passed a particular section for about 6 months, I could get to about 110 moves, but trying to get to 120 has been a nightmare.  I am hoping that the nightmare is now over!  Today I managed to successfully get to 120! This means that I have only another 20 moves to get the basics on and I can practise the whole form.  The 120 I have are now starting to re wire my brain as I can feel it once I finish to there.  Re wire I hear you say, well it is true, if learning karate once you get to certain point in your training, things just become easier to pick up. The training wires you to it.  In our style, there is a particular form, that once the practitioner gets it, the next form becomes slightly easier to get the basics on.  I know that this happens as I have seen it in a number of my very young students, they become much more once it is there and the intent is certain.

Happily it is now nearly Christmas and we have had our latest grading, I am very pleased as a number of new students were able to grade at the main grading, which gives them a much better idea of what they can achieve.  I have two students who think they want to learn far more than they are supposed to for the next one, their enthusiasm is great, but I am going to have to rein it in a bit, so that they understand that doing everything well is required as well!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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