What did you do this summer?

This summer I did a trip to Carfest North at Oulton Park, I was there the day the Gnat fell out of the sky and my thoughts go out to his family and friends.  I enjoyed the weekend listening to the music and looking around the tents, it is for such a good cause.

I have trained over the holidays and taught some classes, we have been very strict with the class bookings which means if there were not enough to run the class it did not run.  That meant I only had one of my normal classes to run.  This was sad for the those few that wanted to come to class all summer, but does mean the dedicated few are getting attention to detail to prepare for their grading in September.  It is always hard to prepare for this grading as everyone has time off and if you are a school student it is near on impossible, unless you do attend out of school classes.  We always reward those students by allowing them to do their grading.

This always looks good for them as they are now a belt above their peers.  It shows it can be done.  Unfortunately, not all parents  can do this for their children and we do appreciate that.

I feel very relaxed this summer, instead of teaching 6 days a week, I have only taught for 2, I have trained and run holiday cover, most weeks I have had 3 days off!  On top of the days off, I have helped out at our Fun Club sessions, these are 3 hours long and involve a training session, a snack, a craft item, then usually weapons.  We did knife defence in one, then sword in the second one I helped at.  I was really pleased to see a few of my students attending.

It will soon be very busy again with all normal classes starting from 7th September, then most school classes kicking in a week later.

Well Summer is nearly over, so What did you do this summer?


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