Picking up things - Hips!

You know when you learn something, especially kata, you actually only learn an approximation of the movement.  You have seen it so you try to replicate it, but, do you actually see it!

As I teach I feel I get a little more adept at seeing things, but in new things to me, I am still missing nuances that I maybe should be picking up.  I hope that in time, though, it could be a long time, I can spot the little things that matter.

The latest for me is in a couple of my newest forms, it is a hip shift that I had not appreciated from seeing it.  In our karate, the hip is everything, it is where the power comes from in most of the strikes, a good example is a straight punch in our front stance.

To produce the most power, one should be thrusting the punching hand side hip forward. 

When blocking, it is starting to feel like I have to not over do the hip on the blocking side, but use the opposite hip to re inforce the block, when you make your front stance, this produces the block most efficiently.

So thinking again about how I produce movement in my forms, some movements I do have been noticed that I do them stylistically slightly different from my peers, this is probably the Tai Chi or Kung Fu movement I am learning which is starting to come through, it should not be a problem as long as I can still show in the Kong Su Do manner!

So my hip practising is coming along but it still needs help though to make it look correct every time :)


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