Aching Fun!

JP, The Yorkshire Warrior!
Sometimes, I just do not find the time to put something online, today, I thought, right lets give it a quick one.  Now since my last post in April! I have spent a morning helping out at the Yorkshire Warrior Race, which is a great day for those that run it.  

The 10 mile race with obstacles is always headed up by our own Yorkshire Warrior, 'JP'  He is a Tutor at the local college and all round fitness machine running classes, encouraging people to run races with him, for him, and then sometimes they beat him ;)

And I have been to a karate seminar run by Master Tony Johnson, Master Janet McKenna's Instructor of many years.

The seminar started with a partner off and push ups, followed by back to back squats, and push ups, continuing on to free sparring, and push ups, with more free sparring and push ups!  We changed partners a number of times and worked on free style one steps.  Not as difficult as it sounds once you get the idea.  A one step is a way to block an attack, then counter it.  The idea was to use part or all of their force and use it against them.  This was the ongoing theme throughout the session.  After some time in the Dojang, we 'trainered' up and went outside, it was a very pleasant afternoon to train out on the grass.  

You might think to yourself, well that doesn't sound too much like hard work, however, nearly all the techniques we practised involved getting your partner to the ground.  I appreciate my legs much more, they have recovered, and I found I was not the only one.  A number of the other adults now appreciate their legs much more!  The best thing about the aching legs is that it does not put you off, you have too much fun to worry about the after effects, I realise I have been in this situation before, and I realise I will be doing it all again!  Thanks to Master Johnson for coming to teach us, thanks to Master McKenna for putting the seminar on!

All this on the same day. no wonder I ached! :)


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