Back at it hard.

Jolly holiday over easter is now over and I am back at it hard...

I enjoyed my break, and in that week I did not train in Karate at all, I did do one Tai Chi Session, but that was it.  The body is good at working out that you are not training, however, it does know when you restart.  So far, most of the kinks I had, have not come back, I do have an underlying elbow issue, which, I am struggling to deal with, but that is going to have to be seen by the Doctor.  And there is the problem, the Doctor will say, STOP!  It is a little hard to stop teaching karate when it is your full time employment.  So I will wear my support and keep trying to help it fix itself!

It really was good to get into the Do Jang with the students again, I teach a small kids session at one of the local Gyms and I recently had a couple of little lads from one of the other karate clubs in the area in our session.  Now they are being trained by one of the country's top karateka in his time and Sensei as they call him, well lets say, I knew him before he was a top Karateka ;)

I must admit, both boys are quite impressive and obviously competitive, the older struggled with the concept that I did not want him to hit anyone. No Contact remember!  The younger boy was very willing to allow no contact and immediately told me that his older sibling had hit him! Luckily I saw it too.  Well, I only expected them to come to that one class, after all, there is no contact.  I was pleasantly surprised to see them again, with their mum, saying, it was good fun, we thought we would come again.

It is excellent and it gave a couple of my students a something to look at.  The elder boy is currently working on Tekki Cho Dan, Naihanchi to me.  The kata is just about the same, we make more of a chamber move and his makes more of some of the foot movements, but it is the same.  I can see he can do all the correct movements, just not with the correct hands, arms and legs.  I know what he needs to do.  So on doing it with him, he realised he was getting something incorrect. That is step one, you need to know you are not quite right!
Step two, now think about it and allow me to count it.
Step three, what did you miss out the first time?
Step four, the trick, he was missing a square punch, just before the one step you have to take, he knew then if he went slowly, he should then block with that hand. Before doing the next couple of movements.  He then went onto realise he was kicking his legs the wrong way round.  He does it really well on one side, but was consistently getting the other side incorrect.  I hope I have helped him get to grips with his form.

The young one apparently needs more strength in his kata, he is 6, my only complaint would be, where is the ninja, we slide our feet to be silent, they are currently stomping their opponents into the ground, and perhaps thinking that is strength.

It feels good to be back at it hard! 


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