Easter time - Holiday!

Here at Martial Arts For Life we run classes whatever, we really do try to.  However, it is looking like we might get a whole weekend off.  Oh what to do!  

My weekend off is going to be very different, I will be helping my husband build a patio.  The test look of the bricks went well so we may actually manage this feat!  We need to add drainage, walls, hardcore whacked down, then paving slabs.  The fact that it is a large area is not bothering me, but I am sure it will bother my husband's muscles when we start.

Part of the area is for me to practice on, I am hoping to have it as a covered area at the end of it.  So my training area will not just be the lawn.  The mountains of soil will be pushed back to level out the area up to the trees.

So whilst everyone else may be eating chocolate for Easter, I will be enjoying mine as fuel for brick laying!


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