The 50th Post - New Beginners

I am having a very good week, I have in the main good classes with a reasonable number of students, but I did lose a few before Christmas with one thing and another.  This it seemed was Football, and more contact sports!

Since the beginning of the New Year, I have been attempting to get noticed on Facebook and Twitter, I post on Facebook with hashtags which then show up in twitter.  Whether I am getting noticed or not I am not sure, but, my Club, Martial Arts for Life comes up well on web searches and we do get noticed there.

This is my 50th post since starting the blog and this week, I had two beginners who returned for a second class and a new starter to try out.  This is significant as that new starter was really two and the other was poorly today so unable to have a go.  They hope to go on Sunday for the other little boy to give it a go.

These new starters have given my class a boost and I hope that it continues now throughout the year!

Pil Seung!


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