I'm not the only one!

Instructor joy!   

I am not the only one, our Karate Club is currently made up of Lady Instructors, the gents are the minority for the Instructors. So it is appropriate that I can pass on their little milestones.  Miss Cath Delaney is a Third Dan Dan grade instructor just like me.  She loves teaching martial arts and many grown ups appreciate her willingness to throw herself into the different aspects of martial arts.  In her classes we have done Weapons, not just Staff, but Swords and Nunchaka, as well as the weapons she is always trying to find something different to keep it fresh.  This often forms part of a class, where we may be trying things out Shaolin style, pretending to stand on posts and blocking as we step from post to post.  Or it could be Ninja rolling through quietly.  Her imagination is brilliant.

This week she emailed me this little snippet from one of her classes.

"Woo hoo, it happened at last

Two of my shyest students spoke in front of the whole class tonight. They had information to tell everyone about how to do a really good low block :-)
Hashtag awesome,  Hashtag made my day !!!
Hashtag Makes the job worth it,   Hashtag this is why I love martial arts

Think I'm really pleased with them

Just wanted to tell someone"

Now this is #awesome, internal joke and you can see why.  Miss Delaney has only recently engaged with Social Media and it is quirky but great!  


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