You Tube Inspiration

You Tube is a wealth of information for budding Karateka.  There are many videos showing people doing their Kata/Hyung/Form to the best of their ability.  Some of these videos are even more inspirational than just seeing a form done though.  I recently watched one showing a young man that looks like he has had very bad injuries.  He looked like he was a double amputee on the lower body, and his arms were not as you would expect, one was certainly amputee. 

He performed the Kata, Jion, his stances on stumps were perfect, his high blocks were perfectly positioned.  His hole body moved in unison throughout the form, just as if he was able bodied, in fact, he was probably better at it than most able bodied people.

When I see something of that nature, it just makes me feel that I should keep trying, to see if I can get as good as that.  The inspiration on You Tube is very Great, keep looking to see what you can find there!


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