This weeks conversation

This week involved a conversation about what we remember from childhood, and whether it was good things or bad, well here is a list of things I do remember. :)

1.  Electricity hurts, aged about 6 I tried to plug in the TV one night when I should have been in bed and got thrown across the room by the shock I got from it.
Darwin lesson learned!

2.  Catching mackerel off the back of a speed boat with a crab line when on holiday in Looe in Cornwall when I was about 9.

3.  Running like the wind across the field from the moor on my birthday party aged 7/8, left all my friends behind.

4.  I learnt aged 5 that purple could get me into trouble, I should have cleaned my paint palate and did not own up that it was mine, I got a slapped leg, I was the only one to have painted in purple!
Never put a foot wrong in school again.

5.  And lastly, aged 10, being unable to ask for stamps in French to the kiosk man as the french teacher was not very nice and got in a strop when I asked him to do it.

It really is funny what you remember, I also remember from the holiday in Cornwall, eating rare steak for the first time, and that the car broke down in the car park entrance as we got there so we had to hoof it for a week.


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