New Job!

Old job last day done - Check
Holiday over - Check
New Job started - Check!

From the 1st of September this year, I am a full time karate instructor with Martial Arts For Life.  I have trained with the club and its Chief Instructor, Master Janet McKenna since before April 2004, I graded to Yellow belt that month.  I have been working as a part time instructor for approximately 2 and 1/2 years and the opportunity arose to try it full time.  It is a relief to be only doing one job again, and knowing what is involved as I have been doing it for sometime, means that I am hopefully getting an easy transition to it.

We do teach in schools and some of the schools I will be involved with do not require us back until mid September, so as yet, I have not done a full week's work.  I do know however, that once it kicks in, it will be very busy interacting with all the old students and the new ones that come along to try us out.  So you could say I am being eased into my new job nicely!

I am looking forward to future with happiness and a little trepidation as the new students and the old 'new to me' students are getting a new Instructor.  I hope I get along well with everyone.


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