Sunshine, Fair Ground Rides, Food and Music

Carfest North - 3rd August 2014

The ground had really started to dry up by Sunday morning, fortified with Beans and Bacon, we spent the morning mooching around the site looking at all the stalls, buying things we thought we needed, Backdoor shoes! It had dried up enough to be in boots, the Wellies were no longer required.  We watched a little of the track before using the 10 minute track cross at lunchtime to go back to the tents.  The music was going to start around 3.45 with Texas and we needed to drop the tents and pack the cars if we wanted to leave tonight at the end of the concert.

This also gave me chance to charge my phone up a little, it was down to 10% battery and unusable.  

Once all was done, we went back across to listen to the music for a bit, and the fair ground rides.  They had a Helter Skelter, Ferris Wheel and the Carousel.  I went up on the wheel and it gave you a great view of the site.  We also went on the Carousel, them horses are great, however, why did it stop with me at the highest point, the woman with the shortest legs!

It was quite cool tonight and I did feel a little cold, but a picnic blanket round my knees sorted that out, I must be getting old!  The music was brilliant again with Texas, 10cc, Bob Blakeley, The Feeling, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Nell Bryden and when Jools Holland took to the stage, a pair of planes appeared and gave a night time air display, with lights on the bodies so you could see the planes and smoke plumes, then they did it again with Fireworks!  Such a treat, they finished off with a love heart shape in the sky.


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