Summer Nearly Over?

I am feeling a little sad, Summer is nearly over! The weather thinks it is already, it is so cold today. Yes I can see the Blue sky and the sun, but there is some rather cheeky North winds blowing down from the Arctic and it has made everywhere cold in the UK!

I am trying to gather my thoughts around what to do next week.  I am holiday with only one thing planned, I have my karate classes to run which will be great fun as most of them are running, it has been quite quiet in classes with some not meeting the require minimum to run this summer holidays. Consequently the grading will be quiet in September.  

My life is about to change for the good, I should have more time for leisurely pursuits, more time to meet friends and family, more time to cook.  I may even have time to clean the house, which in the past has been left to my poor husband (He does a wonderful job).  I do think he thinks its not going to happen, but I will need to fill some time with something.  I have found of late that t'internet surfing is not as captivating as it used to be and I would rather be doing something with my hands.  It does seem to be all doom and gloom, Facebook whilst it is great to have a nosy at what people are up to, and to find out if classes are running for Tai Chi and Karate.  It is the same old, same old!  There are only so many times you can see an inspirational motto :)

So I hope that over the next few months, that I can get down to some serious martial arts practicing at home and that I can do some cooking, I like to create, the family are never sure about my food, but if they want to eat! 


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