Rain, Mud, Cars and Music

CarFest North - Friday 1st August 2014

We left Yorkshire to head to Oulton Park Circuit for Children In Need's Carfest North, the festival that Chris Evans, a BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show presenter set up a couple of years ago.  We set off in the dry weather, by the time we reached it, it was raining and we had to get the tent up!  Once the Tent was up, we then were able to sit and listen to the rain, it did ease off now and then and in these breaks we set out to find food and have a quick look around the site, and get set up to watch the music for the evening.

Once we had found our spot, we settled in under a Rain Poncho over chair and all to listen to the players for Friday. They started with Coldplace, yes I said Coldplace, its not all about proper artistes, Kings Ov Leon, One Night of Queen, The Lancashire Hotpots (Chippy Tea), Toseland, Eliza Doolittle and best of all ERASURE.  Andy Bell had the highest heels you could possibly have worn for a wet night at a Festival!  Erasure really were very good, Mr Bell has not lost his voice, unlike others in the music business.  I was unable to sing along as I had already lost my voice with the head cold that had attacked me the day before.

When I said it rained, it really did rain!


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