Tournament Preparation

It was Club Tournament day on Saturday, 19th July 2014.  As my previous post said, I won last year and this year I was rather hoping that the competition was much better and that I would not be winning.  The trouble is, I do like to try hard, I am not a quitter and even though I do not think I am particularly good at my Forms, I really enjoy them!

I decided to have a go again this year, I decided to do a weapons form and the individual form.  My weapons entry was something I have interpreted out of one of my forms, we do one called Wanshu, and my plan was to do the form with a sword.  For the individual form, I decided to have a go at a Form called Tensho.  This is a fourth Dan form and I have been able to practise it for about 18 months reasonably well.  I also like the form a lot.  It feels good to do it.

I always train on Saturday so in the class I asked my instructor if someone could just watch me doing Tensho, just in case anything funny had crept into it, that should not be there.  Sometimes you learn a movement and over time it turns into something else.  I was allotted a Master Grade to assist me, and I then went into melt down and made a bit of a pickle of it.  By the time I had had 10 minutes, I could do the form again, but, I think my brain was off somewhere on its own!  There were couple of things I would need to improve, I had already started to crush the form down small.  When performing forms we always try to make the movements as large as we can, we know that when in a stressful situation we immediately make our stances and movements a lot smaller.  I was also pulling my elbows in too far, which is ok on a couple of the other forms, but not on this one.  I am also making my stance a bit smaller than would be sensible too, I knew I was a bit unstable in it, but had not worked that out for myself yet.  I did a little more practise at home that morning, then thought, keep your fingers crossed I can do it twice the same later.


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