This Weekend's Fun

This week I am taking a week off the Karate, no teaching, no training!

I worked hard at the last session I attended on Sunday, and just hope it tides me over until I start classes again next week.

My weekend fun starts on Thursday with a Haircut, then onto packing for the weekend. We are travelling on Friday to Carfest North for Children In Need at Oulton Park.  What could be better for a weekend off, a festival that involves, Cars, Food and Music!

We will be camping, so our big tent has been dug out of the back of the garage, the little gas cooker, (purchased specially for festivals) and the box of eating utensils etc are ready to go in the car.  I need to pack enough clothes in case it rains, hails or sun shines and make sure there is enough cash for coffee from the Coffee Van on a morning.

We are going with friends, they are taking their own tent and equipment and we are all looking forward to the music each evening.  For the price, you get 3 nights camping full access and music galore.

Not saying we are petrol heads, well ok, we are! But the fact that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is there is enough for me to go...


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