Ninja crafts

As well as Karate, I do a little Crochet on and off.  I recently decided to try and make a ninja crochet phone case.  I looked online for a pattern, but I could not see one that would actually do the job, so I have had to make it up as I went along.  I used a pattern to get me started.

The rough guide to this is:-

Crochet a line of chain stitches so that it would fit along the bottom of your phone, at the end, turn and do one more chain, now miss a chain and single crochet down to the end again, at the end, do 2 single crochet into the last chain stitch.  Now continue without turning and single crochet down the other side of the chain stitches. 

Once you get to the end again, in the last chain do two single crochet, now continue with single crochet round and round, until you get to about 1/3 to 1/2 way up the phone.

Change colour and join it and single crochet one round in it, then about 1/3 along what will be the front, do chain stitch for 10, then single crochet back to main body, slip stitch in, now do a two single crochet, then 10 chain, single crochet back to body and slip stitch in, continue with single crochet to finish round.  Now do one more round in colour change in single crochet.

Change colour back to main body colour and continue going round until you are very nearly at the top of the phone.  

You are now going to create a flap, at the edge, turn, one chain, then single crochet across, turn 1 chain, single crochet across, continue like this until you can get it over the top of the phone.  Slip stitch inward by 3 or 4 and now change colour for the face colour, 1 Chain, and single crochet until 3 to 4 from the end, turn, 1 chain and single crochet back, turn and 1 chain single crochet back, change colour and slip stitch to end or row.
Turn, now 1 chain and single crochet to nearly the middle, now create a chain loop by doing about 8 chain, then single crochet after missing 4 sc on main piece, continue to end and finish off.


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