Club Tournament - Competing!

2013 was a bit of a revelation to me, with regards to my ability in competing, I tend not to compete at anything.  So consistently do I lose at things that I gave up on winning years ago.  From the local beetle drive, to the lottery and school races, I was never the best, so by the time adulthood came around, it was a relief not to have to.

Now I am not saying I was a total loss, aged 8, I came second once in a competition for diary writing, then did miserably at it aged 12, not as enthusiastic I suppose.  So last year, our Club Tournament day arrived and this was the first one I had attended.  If nothing else I could have a go at the Fun things, but it seemed that there were not that many people competing and I thought, why not?  I entered in our Free Style section with two items.

I had created a version of one of our Staff forms into a Hand only form.  I tried to be as precise as I could with the movements and as you have to do it twice, did practise for a month before hand to make sure I could do it. I also entered my Tai Chi Short Form, again in the Free style, though one of the judges did not think it was free style, the categories are, Individual Form, Weapons Form and Free Style and Team Form.  The Tai Chi Short Form is not  one of our practised forms, so I thought it was free style rather than individual.  They had to mark it on just the movements rather than the technicality of it as the judges do not do Tai Chi as far as I am aware!

I performed as best I could both items and kept my fingers crossed.  My practise seemed to pay off as I became the adult champion for 2013.  My name will forever be on the plaque, and I won a trophy.  This weekend is tournament weekend again and I have been trying to promote it to my students, I have managed to get three to take part from my Clubs, all children  they are all practising and trying very hard to give a good impression.

This year, I have decided to have another go, not sure if any of the other adults are actually competing for a start, so I do hope I do not win by default!  I have made a weapons form up and intend to do one of the higher grade forms that I think I have got a handle on.  I have been learning a Tai Chi Fan form this year, but as I only know about 20 movements of it out of the 30 on the first course, I have decided not to do that portion of it as my entry.  However, that may come along to demonstrations at some point!
Last Years Take Home Trophy


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