Club Tournament Champions

I performed my Forms to the best that I could.  My individual form felt ok to me, I remembered to breathe, that can be a problem, breathing is the most natural thing in the world until you are performing in front of judges or a camera in my case.  One of my fellow competitors suggested that he may as well go home now, which was not a good idea, he did a very good form too!  When I do my forms, I always pick a fixed point so I do not look at the judges, it is intimidating enough doing the performance without anyone smiling at you, or even worse frowning.

My weapons form was really hard work and it took quite a while for my breathing to become regular, this means I must have tried my best surely. I did watch some of the others doing their thing and it was interesting to see how some people did become small when doing their forms.  One of the younger members who normally does a brilliant job, really suffered with short stances, we know he did not mean to, but he did. 

There are always other things to do on Club Tournament day, we had a breaking competition, a roundhouse kick competition, Jump front kick and Flexibility competition.  This all took a while, but once all was done, the results were announced.  A couple of my students had entered in the individual form, one was placed 1st in his age group, the other was given a merit certificate as he did a very good job!  I also managed to gain a certificate.

In the weapons, last years junior champion ran away with it again I think, but I did manage a certificate.

At the end of the certificates, the Child and Adult Champions were announced,  last years Child Champion won again, this young man is very good and you can tell he spends a lot of time practising.  The Adult Champion this year was very surprised to have won it. Again!  

I was very very surprised to find that I had managed to win again.  It seems that we two are not just performing well, but above our grades, which means when the results are looked at, we are multiplied up.  Some of the competitors are performing things that they know well, but well below their grade levels, so get multiplied down. Hence, our scores came out very well!

There were merited certificates for people who were very close to the Champions scores, so with a bit a of luck, someone else will win it next year.


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