Time to train

As an instructor, it is important to train as often as possible.  I have two jobs, as well as teaching karate, I also work full time in the IT Industry, on top of that I am supposed to be a mother of two, now nearly grown up boys and a wife!  I have an under active thyroid gland which means I need to sleep a lot. So a 24 hour period can be very busy when you have to factor in the 8 to 10 hours sleep I need.

A typical day starts around 7 to 7.30 am, I need to be on the road to work by 8.30 am the latest, otherwise I will be late to the day time job.  Once the day job is over, it is over to karate teaching, this will then go on into the evening, I might return home from class between 7 and 8 pm.  No big deal I can hear you say, I do that all of the time.  

I should be training probably every day, for at least a hour.  If I am the wife, in theory I should be cooking and cleaning, washing and ironing, all that takes time.  And what about leisure time, and eating.  So this is a bit of a problem for me. I do eat, I cannot go without food, I do not clean, or cook very often, I am out most of the waking hours.  When I get home, I eat, do a hours worth of leisure, if I am lucky, then sleep.  So, no time to train!

I am lucky, in that, my karate hours incorporate 3 good hours training a week, I can maintain my art with this, but, as I realised last night on doing many forms, I made mistakes, and this is due to not practising them myself at home.  I am also very lucky in having a good husband, that in the last 25 years, took over most of the cleaning, washing and cooking.  He also works full time but currently has no particular hobby to distract him.

Time to train, I would like to be training up to 5 times a week, this is difficult when you are teaching the alternative classes on the same day, but I do have opportunity to do more on a couple of days of the week, which you might call karate days off.  One, I am currently doing Tai Chi on, the other I only train once, but could do two classes that day.  So the potential to train is there.  

It is always time to train. :)


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