Summer is coming...

Summer is really trying to get to us now, our summer grading is over and done with and all our new colours look fantastic.

We are now gearing up for events in the summer holidays. 

We are going to have our normal Fun Club's Wednesday Afternoons, booking is not always necessary, but prudent, so you know it will be running!  These sessions are class based, so students usually have a hours training session, then a break, then they continue with some sort of crafting, we then finish with weapons training and the "Ninja Assault Course".

Crafting usually involves creating something which may have a martial art connotation, for example, Ninja throwing stars from cardboard of course!  Nunchaku making was very popular as was Chinese dragon decoration for Chinese New Year.

Our sessions will often include some weapons training, be it Bong (Staff), Sword, Knife, Nunchaku.  The children really enjoy them, and it is always good to see them trying things out that nowadays, there are no guarantees they will.  Sword fighting with my brother, which I was not very good at, was and possibly may not be a child activity now.

On top of all of our fun days, we are going to have our Club Tournament on 19th July 2014.  As last years adult champion, I feel I should have another go.  To see if I can impress my peers.  I suspect I will not do as well and I hope that I do have some competition. For more details go to Martial Arts for Life

We are also holding a "Classathon"  Sponsored Class attendance.  Every class you can attend, and there are around 20 on the list over the period of July and August and get sponsored.  The money raise is to go to Martin House Hospice in our local area.
The classes I teach are away from the main group, so I am hoping to see some of my fellow karateka in my "away" classes, who I would not normally see.


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