Bongtastic Evening

Bongtastic I hear you say, what on earth is that!  A Bong is a staff, stick, bo, jo for want of a better word.  We not only do empty hand but also use weapons, we mainly train with a Staff (Bong) and start from our first coloured belt.  The movements are easy once you know how, but can be very difficult, especially if you are young.  This is not a detrimental thing, but more like a co-ordination thing.  Basically, both arms are moving the stick and your hands should not be leaving the stick.  So when you give a child a bong, they usually hold it with their dominant side and can usually do our first learned move on one side.  The other side however, can take a long time to get it consistent.  Once consistent they then have to learn to do it whilst moving as well and this can undo the movement in a fell swoop.

However, it is not only the younger end of our students that get their arms in tangle.  It does not matter how old you may be or what grade you are, be it Orange belt or third Dan, once you are asked to attempt new things with a bong, it can all go out of the window.

Last week, we were challenged to learn two forms with a Bong, these are Bassai Sho, Master Itozu's interpretation of Bassai, and Kanku Sho, I am not entirely sure where that one comes from.  The bong lends itself very well to Bassai Sho and I have been trying to get it correct for some time on and off.  The sessions I have spent recently have cemented how it should be done.

However, Kanku Sho turned out to be a different kettle of fish altogether.  I found that even though I do know the form well enough, I was unable to work out in the form where I was, if I wanted to continue if I stalled.  This I found a little strange, it was as if I was learning a totally new Form.  

I have now been to three sessions where part of the class has been dedicated to these two forms.  I am feeling more comfortable with Kanku Sho and hope that I can do this to the best of my ability.

So Bongtastic evening, morning and afternoon!


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