Stars... and Motivation

Motivation for getting to class in adults once they start is usually not required, once they realise how well the exercise treats the body, they usually bounce into class.  Even after a number of years, they are still bouncing into class ready to give it their all.

Children, though, are a completely different kettle of fish so to speak.

Engaging children who do not train with their parents is an art.  We need to keep them coming to class, to help them realise that is it worth while and worthy of their time.  If you are a parent like me, who train with your children then, they go, they receive their rewards with little effort.  
However, a child who is coming to class without their parent may find that they don't want to attend when they are tired or not feeling very well.  We do not advocate that if you are ill you should always attend, but a sniffle should not put you off, and may well be beneficial.

So motivation is required, one of these are little gold stars, to earn a star, a child needs to get to 4 classes in any one month.  Training regularly means that you progress steadily in learning your martial art whatever it is.  When you get to a certain point in your training, you have picked up so much requirement, that to retain it, you have to start training at least twice a week.  So again, for children this is a big deal and with all the other things going on in a child's life nowadays, it is difficult. 

However, training with your parent will mean the transition to more classes a week occurs naturally, without effort.  In my own experience, with my own children, one of the boys wanted to go and was always ready, the other he felt coerced into it.  However, he always came out of class with a smile, which meant he felt the benefit of the training he experienced.  

This week is star week, as always the first week of the month.  At the first class I taught this week, the list was not ready!  One of the boys asked specifically about it, he had missed out the month before so is keen to get the next star.  I received the list before last nights class, and there is one small girl who always wants her star, and this month gets it.  She is very pleased, as am I as she is progressing well.  The star is not very big, but enough to make an impression.  If you earn 12 stars, you get a prize!


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