Getting it Right!

Tonight, I am feeling rather good.  My Tai Chi class started again tonight, so I have spent a good couple of hours practising with my friends at the Club.  There were alot of people in the room I did not know, as the early class is the beginners class.

I arrived late, start time for the early class is 6 pm.  I rolled in around 6.15, however, I was not frowned at and I quickly got my coat off and warmed myself up a little.  I then joined in with the others.  The first exercise was stepping in stances.  Snake and Scissor, then Cat and Dragon.  We progressed onto scissor and Horse.  I worked with my friend, she is better at than me. I can get it right but just not as often as she does.

My friend and I were then asked to help out a couple of beginners who were on their first time with the first few moves of the Tai Chi Form.  We went through it a lot of times, and only did up to seven moves.  After a while, I told them what I usually think whilst I am doing them, The first move is hugging the tree, the second and third moves are scraping the inside of a barrel, the next are under the ball, around the ball, and over and down the ball.

The Tai Chi teacher, Paul Kenny, then came over and asked if we had told them what the names of the movements are, I said that as a rule I cannot remember them, so, he then did the movement and told them what they are called.

Moves one to three are 'Gather Celestial Energy', the next four are 'Play the Guitar'.  :)

The second class starts around 7.15, and was not as well attended as usual, but, it will pick up again.  We did our warm up and then got straight into releasing in the hips to get our six energies working.  Most of us are apparently working well with the shoulder part of this, but we all need to start to use the hips correctly.  The release or softening of the joints in the right manner allows much freer movement.  It is gratifying if you can do it just once, so at least you may eventually get the idea to be more consistent.  The other thing about it is, it is often the opposite side to that you want to move that has to be opened first.

The next part of the class was sword or stick, I chose Stick as I had attempted to do the stick form a few days ago and made a mess of it.  Once I had done that a few times, I actually could remember things and I am very pleased with it.  I also then had a quick go at the sword.  Again this does need work, but as ever it is a work in progress.
So I am very happy with my work tonight.  It feels good when I get it right!


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