Bong or not!

In our classes as well as empty hand, we do use Bong, or Bo staff, or Stick and we use it to initially perform a form (hyung).  It is nine moves long and it is to be done in four directions.  The first four moves, once you get how to do the first one are fairly easy. The next three cause consternation for most people.  

I have a young lad who is very enthusiastic, and he should be able to perform six moves correctly by now and he should really only be learning the seventh, we learn one move a grade.  However, he has seen other children doing all nine moves so really wants to be able to do it.

So tonight, we spent some time seeing if we can get it right.  The trick for it is, whichever leg is forward in your front stance, then this is the hand you drop to make a groin strike, and as you drop it, you should bring it across your body.  Once you have achieved that, you now push the high hand forward which should cause the top end of the bong to strike downwards onto your opponents head for move six.  Move seven is then a stab forward, however, you have to in effect undo your arms to perform this. 

He seemed to have a better handle on it now, so I then got some other coloured belts to try it out.  They do not need it yet, but, it will make it easier for them when they do!  

Well done everyone!


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