Baby Steps

Over the last couple of weeks, at the Tai Chi Class, we have been trying to learn to walk again as we did as very small children.  When we first learned to walk, we would open one side at the hip joint and fall into the step with the other.  Simple as that, this is why at some points we actually did fall over.

So for our Tai Chi steps, we have to open our hip or soften it to help the other leg fall into place. Now falling into place may not be the ideal thing, but as a starter it gets you going.  I enjoy doing the Tai Chi and each new thing adds another dimension to it that makes it better.  My experience with these new baby steps is that, I have to concentrate so hard to do each one in turn.  I then seem to be unable to do that actual arm movements for the form correctly, at the moment, it is one or the other!

To be able to get both together I feel I must get the base right first, so the baby steps need to be corrected before adding the arms again.  The step is done by softening the opposite hip to the leg that is going to be moved. My intention is to continue with my baby steps until they do move naturally.  I need to work out which way to soften to produce the step, once I have that for all likely steps, then I need to string them together. I have managed to work out around fifteen actual steps so far, which takes you to around 20 to 21 in the form.  So the next question is, for the counts that do not involve actual stepped movement, should there be softening in the appropriate joint for the base! And then, what of the monkey steps on the pull backs, if I follow the step guide....

Ah well, perhaps that is another story.  My plan is to get to around 50 or 60 or so, get comfortable with it then try to go further, once the arms play better again.  

The arms are definitely another story!


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