Merry Christmas Everyone

Christmas is nearly on us and we have already seen reduced numbers in classes, if they are running.  It seems that we all like a break from training.  Consequently last week prior to the break up, I ran weapons week.

I have a number of weapons and my classes are nearly small enough to do it so that we can all have a go.

My weapons haul consists of

2 wooden Tanto
1 wooden katana
4 sets of Nunchaku
1 chinese broadsword
1 Flat sword (Tai chi)
2 to 3 set of kama
and a myriad of Bong (Bo Staff) from 6ft ones to broom handle size

Things I think I need in my arsenal are

Katana (large and small)

I use small 6" sticks as knives for practise in class.  6" sticks I hear you laugh.  I had a little girl, who would not touch the wooden tanto, as her mummy and daddy had "very rightly so", told her that knives are very dangerous and she should not touch them!  She is much more comfortable with it now, "Short stick defence" is quite popular :)


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