While the Master's away..

The Master is away today, so I was 'it' in class.  Whenever I teach one of the other classes it is always a little daunting.  I am used to Gup grades, but as our classes are always mixed, you never know what you may get.  

Today, I was in charge of one of the classes that attracts our most senior students.  Today was no exception 6 Master grade students arrived for training, with another 14 higher grades and only 7 Gup grades.  So the question was, what to do with that caliber of class. 

I am a senior grade but, not that senior.  I do know how to work a class and with the number of adults this class attracts, it is one of the easier ones to actually teach.  You can literally get it to self perpetuate, each grade can be selected to teach one lower.  

I decided that I should do most of the teaching, I delegated a number of Masters to assist in starting new forms off and finish them off for some of the other grades.  I also checked that the lower grades had all done some of their forms.  

I showed how a two handed grab can be removed by radial movement of the wrists and hands to turn it from being grabbed to being in control.  On a very basic level this works as is, but on an internal level this will become a very strong movement without using any strength.

Everyone had a go and whether it was of benefit to them I do not know. But it does allow people to try something a little different, as it is from Kung Fu.

I made sure that all our Gup grades had practised their relevant things for their next grading which is coming up soon.

My hope was that everyone got something, be it a work out, think Master grades, a chance to do something different, everyone in the class.


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