What do you do with your Martial Art?

I feel a little awkward, I want to promote my Martial Arts Blog, but find that I feel a little shy, more so than perhaps I thought I would.
There are many great martial artists out there, who just let you be who you are and allow you to be your own martial artist. And then there are those that , rather unfortunately are unable to do that.

What you get out of your Martial Art is for you to take, not for anyone to tell you what you should get. How long you spend on things, is entirely up to you, whether you take a life time or not it is your decision.

How you use your martial art is again your decision, I initially used it as fitness, and to help out a medical condition.  For an under active thyroid, you need to work out hard and my chosen art helps me do that.

I have now chosen to pass on what little I know to others and get great satisfaction from it.

So what do you do with your +Martial Arts!


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