Expression ??

For the last few weeks I have been working hard on my t’ai chi, trying to get to grips with what my instructor is telling us.  I always feel I am doing “cack handed”, but he tells me it looks ok to him.  With the weapons course imminent, I want to look like I have half a grasp on how I should be moving with a sword or a stick, I suspect, I am just moving though, not “expressing” as our Technical Director would like us all to try to do.  Expression, what is it, I hear you ask.  That is a very good question, I take expression to be the last part of a movement that started from deep within your body.  As the Chi works its way through your body to the tips of the fingers for instance, then out from there.

As yet I suspect I do not express, however, I intend to keep working on it then one day, maybe one day, it will come.

So early beds till the weekend.


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