New term

At last it seems that Summer is over, the children are back to school and their karate classes will all kick back in in the next week or so.  Whilst, some of you may think, well I never stopped for summer, unfortunately many children who are training through schools do not manage to get to another class in the holidays.  There are some parents who do think it is a good idea and do try to get them along, but, with all the other things that may be on in the holidays they are few and far between.

This time of year is one of our grading times and it is very hard to be ready, most people are lucky enough to get 2 weeks away and this can really dent your ability unless you realise you have to practise wherever you are.

This summer in my standard classes I have seen three students from one of schools I help out at.  It has been great to see them in class and trying their hardest to get what they need, their reward will be their new belt, which will mean they are up an extra grade as they have done enough work to have a go at the grading.

Well done to them! 


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