New Beginnings in T'ai Chi

Earlier this year...
This week saw the return of my regular T'ai Chi class in Harrogate at Woodlands Methodist Church on Wednesday evenings.  The beginners class starts at 6 pm, with an intermediate class at 7.15 pm.  I have decided that I would go for the 6 pm class, I would normally attend the intermediate.  

I arrived extra early, keen or what!  However after about 5 minutes, two of my regular friends from the intermediate class arrived.  Slowly but surely, we ended up with 10 other beginners, now we three are not beginners, but we all like T'ai Chi.

The class for me was excellent.  I originally started in 2009, and at that point there was not really a beginners class.  I thoroughly enjoyed the explanations of how to do the warm up to get ready for T'ai Chi form.  I found the trial movements, explained so that I now know why I am doing some of what I do.  :)  

At 7 the beginners all left and the rest of the regular intermediates started to appear.  A smaller number than usual, but, some are still on holiday.  We did our warm up then, did our form all the way to the end.  With the instruction to make sure you could see someone to copy so you could get all the way to the end!

I do not know the whole of the form, and what I do know, is not perfect, but it is so therapeutic it makes you feel great, no matter how much you know.

So with renewed vigour, I am hoping to make both classes for a while, this way I should improve.  I probably need to check which stances I should be using in the short form, then try to reach my goal of 100 moves in a comfortable manner.

So on I go in my martial arts journey.


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