It's Term Time

It is not without a little excitement that I type this week, Wednesday was my first school class back at karate.  Our Club provide after school classes for a few local schools, so they only run term time.  We always hope that some of the children will attend other classes in the holidays, but they are few and far between as explained in an earlier blog.

There are some characters in the class, we have one very small boy with a cheeky grin who is swamped by his uniform, but he always smiles and tries very hard. Another boy, whose mum kept forgetting to get him a uniform, but he still wants to come! And not forgetting the ones that have been there for a long time, who keep turning up and always leaving with a smile on their faces.  Whether it’s the karate or just the fact they have finished for the day, I do not know, but we do try very hard at giving them a good session.

Another class later on in the week, provided an eventful session, we (instructors) were not sure what the children had been doing, but they were not really concentrating and what I would term, as “all over the shop”.  If they had been my kids in a crockery shop, it would have been “hands in your pockets boys” time.  We had a lot of fun, but it was not what you would call a “karate training” session.  We hope next week, they will have settled down into their school term and we can begin the job of teaching them new things!


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