Fantastic Classes

Now I have returned to the full time schedule of karate classes, it is fantastic to see numbers growing in my classes and those of my fellow instructors.  There is a quite a bit if feel good and it is invigorating to see how we can help these young people with whatever it is they need.  Be it confidence, balance, agility, respect or just that they are learning something new.

Some of our students have recently graded and all performed as well as we would expect.  They are rewarded with a new belt, a new colour, which gives them new things to learn. Some of the students are so eager to learn that they use our DVD's to get to grips with their latest Form (kata, hyung).  It is great to see them taking on board what they have to do and them coming to us as instructors asking us to test them to see if they have it correct already!

One young lad, had indeed done a very good job at trying to assimilate the moves, but as he watched it face on, of course he went the wrong way to start.  This I can fix, if he knows his left from his right. :)

Teaching the form is the best part of my job, I love the satisfaction of knowing when they get it right the first time all the way through, I helped them do that!  It is such a confidence booster for them.


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