Old things learned anew

I returned to training today after a weeks holiday, I had an excellent time and managed to produce a faux pas on one of our basic techniques.  To be truthful, I have been looking at this technique trying to figure what was wrong with it.  I have felt that I am doing it incorrectly on every attempt.  As an instructor and a high grade, it always feels like you are "supposed" to know everything, Ha I will never know everything, or be perfect at everything, you cannot learn if you think you are.  So with that thought in mind and after being told well, you are a high grade, you should know, I explained that I have never felt confident with the technique and had never had it explained in a manner that I got.

So today, I had an explanation that may help me out.

The basis of the technique is to recover from being grabbed on the same side if your opponent is opposite you.  The technique is a standard lock which we use in a number of places, if done correctly it should place your opponent in, at least, a bent over position, this I can manage successfully.  There is, then, a follow through, which would involve a kick in the face and an downward elbow strike on the opponent, it is the placement of the lock and which hand it should be in whilst you do the follow through that has had me for years!  So, the trick I think is, if you get grabbed on your right hand side, after doing the lock, you need to transfer the lock to your right hand, and then do your follow through with the left leg and elbow.

So today, I learned something old anew, and I hope that I can now pass this on correctly to my students.  


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