Summer School with the T.A.O.

Summer School, something I could have done this week.  As well as my Kong Sudo training I started to attend a local T'ai Chi Class in 2009, unfortunately I had picked up an injury which meant the Kong Sudo was a bad idea.
I found my new martial arts teacher in Paul Kenny and Harrogate T'ai Chi Club, he is a completely un-assuming man who is passionate about Lee Style T'ai Chi and Feng Shou.  I found that the T'ai Chi was easier on my injury and I pursued it to keep my hand in.  Overdoing the Kong Sudo, would mean more time out!  I found that I was out for 9 months that year, but with a hand kept in with the gentleness of the T'ai Chi, I recovered and returned to Kong Sudo, I trained hard for 11 months in 2010, and kept up the T'ai Chi as well.  That year I went on the Weapons Course and spent a good two days working on a Broad sword form.  The top man is very good as assessing how you will be able to do what is required, he seems to have a gift of summing you up to give you what you need!

As well as a weapons course, the organisation, Taoist Arts T.A.O. runs, an Easter School (3 days over the Easter weekend), weekend courses throughout the year and a Summer School for a whole week.

I had booked the week off inadvertently (NOT) over the summer school week, knowing that in reality I would not be able to go.  I do feel like I am missing out on something and I know the week will be fantastic. 
I should be there, but I have a but, so this year and probably many other years will pass before I may be able to do what I know I should. 

So to the T.A.O. I give you my thanks, for keeping me going when I was unable to continue with my normal training, to Tony Swanson, a man with many talents and mind boggling body movement you do not see but feel. :)   


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